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Vaccination Status Evidence

Do not contact your GP practice about your coronavirus vaccination status. GP’s cannot provide letters showing your coronavirus vaccination status.

Chance to Check Your Vaccination Status 

A service allowing people travelling abroad to access a record of their COVID-19 vaccination status themselves has been launched.

It allows a vaccination status letter to be downloaded from the NHS Inform patient portal or, for those not online, requested in the post via a Freephone COVID Status Helpline.

Only those planning to travel to a country or territory where a record of vaccination status is needed as an entry requirement should download the record or request it.

This is an interim system ahead of digital COVID Status Certificates this summer. These will include vaccination and testing data to be used for outbound international travel.

Chief Medical Officer Dr Gregor Smith said: “Given the risk of returning with infection, and especially of introducing new variants of the virus, we continue to be highly cautious about international travel.

“Everyone should continue to limit their travel abroad and while I understand the need for some people who want to reunite with family, when it comes to holidays, my advice continues to be play it safe and staycation this summer. For those that do need it, this new service will provide people with a record of their vaccination status for outbound international travel.

“They should only access their record if they are planning to travel within 21 days and it is a requirement of their destination.”

Everyone is able access their Covid-19 Vaccine Status online, by logging on to

Alternatively you can contact the helpline on 0808 196 8565.

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